Brookfield Village President Kit Ketchmark said Wednesday morning that the village board will vote to appoint a new village manager at its meeting, scheduled for Monday, Sept. 22.

While he refused to name the person the board is expected to confirm, it appears that the new village manager will be Keith Sbiral, who has served as the village’s assistant manager since 2006.

“I don’t want to announce it at this point,” said Ketchmark. “There are still some details that need to be worked out.”

Asked if he had a comment on the board’s proposed action on Sept. 22, Sbiral stated in an email, “I have no contract with the village, so I’d hold off on that.”

But unless Ketchmark and the board have a surprise candidate in mind, all signs would point to Sbiral being the choice. Brookfield officials have never announced plans for a search to replace Riccardo Ginex, who has resigned as village manager, and have never posted the job or sought applications.

In addition, during his eight years with the village, Sbiral has had a hand in almost all aspects of village hall operations. In addition to being the assistant manager, he’s the director of the Department of Building and Planning, has served as the village treasurer and has overseen the Finance Department, is its lead grant writer and has supervised all of the technology upgrades implemented by the village.

The village board met in executive session on Monday to discuss its search for a village manager. Ketchmark said he and the trustees have also discussed the matter in executive session at recent village board meetings.

Ginex, who served as village manager since 2005, announced his resignation on Aug. 25. His last official day of work will be Oct. 6, but his actual last day on the job will be Sept. 26.

As recently as last week, Sbiral declined to comment on whether he’s interested in becoming Brookfield’s village manager or whether he knew what the village board’s plans were with respect to a search for a new manager. Ketchmark previously told the Landmark that the board hadn’t settled on a search plan.

Ginex is headed to Oak Brook, where he will take over as village manager. That village has also been without an assistant manager since the spring. There was some speculation that Sbiral, whom Ginex hand-picked to assist him in Brookfield, might follow his mentor to Oak Brook.

Last week, Sbiral bluntly shot down that speculation, saying, “I’m not going to Oak Brook.”

Ketchmark said the village board is comfortable with the direction it’s about to take.

“There were several options to go about this, and I’ve talked to board members individually in executive session,” said Ketchmark. “The entire board is on board with the process we followed. We’re excited about moving forward.”


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