A round of applause is in order for the art, poetry and prose staffs of the Lyons Township High School literary magazine, Menagerie. The 2014 publication, entitled Spectrum, was recently named a Gold Medalist by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, ranking it in the top 10% of all literary magazines in the United States. This marks the third consecutive year Menagerie has received Gold Medal distinction. Menagerie also received All-Columbian Honors earning special merit in the visual category.

The judges called Menagerie exceptional, saying, “The 2014 Menagerie is an impressive and beautifully organized magazine. Both at first glance and upon closer examination, the amount of thought, talent, and hard work that went into this publication is readily apparent.” The judges had this to say about the artwork: “Spectrum” has an exceptionally professional look. It’s obvious that those staff members who were responsible for design and layout have a firm grasp on the principles of design and applied those principles effectively.”  

Menagerie sponsors include literary advisors Joseph Maffey and Angela Gutierrez and art advisor Mary Rohlicek.