Residents who have ordered a tree as part of the 2014 Tree Cooperative Planting program, Riverside Department of Public Works will be marking potential tree planting locations with a white ‘X’ throughout the week.  Tentative planting dates have been set for next week, October 7, 8, and 10.   Utility locates and previous root systems may require some adjustments in terms of the initial proposed tree planting location.  Ultimately, tree planting should be complete by October 10th depending on weather conditions.  It will take several days to install the 170 trees to be planted, and some orders may require two delivery and planting dates (orders which require two different nursery sources).  Once trees are installed and watered, the Public Works Department will mulch the trees and provide additional information regarding watering instruction and other tree care practices to help ensure their survival.

Thank you for your patience and most importantly, your participation in our Tree Cooperative program.  Due to recent losses related to Emerald Ash Borer, your participation is vital to help keep Riverside green and growing for future generations to enjoy.