It is election time again around the country. In a couple of weeks we will go to the polls to elect state and federal officials. This is not a letter to endorse a candidate but to endorse voting. 

The simple task of going to the polls and casting a vote for people to represent you is so important for our village. I have heard many complaints how our governments are working or not working. It is the common opinion from people. Yet when asked if they voted or will vote, I also hear that they didn’t. Now I will not say that you have no right to complain, but I will say by voting that will send a message. 

Another important reason to vote is to let our representatives know that we matter. If we as a community can get out the vote consistently in large numbers, trust me, the state and federal reps will notice and that will make it easier to get funding from them. 

If we get out and vote as a group, whether for them or not, they will notice and want to keep our community happy. The more votes we can get out every election the more leverage we will give our municipal officials. So, to help our community the most, vote every election and help send that message.

Michael Towner