Cops: Woman threatened bar owner with knife

Brookfield police arrested a woman they described as “highly intoxicated” and charged her with aggravated assault after she allegedly waved a knife in the face of a Brookfield bar owner who confronted her about two cellphones taken from the business after an altercation at Slager’s Bar, 9308 47th St., on Nov. 8 about 1:20 a.m.

According to witnesses, the 36-year-old Joliet woman threw a drink at another patron, whom she believed made fun of a shirt she was wearing. The victim told police she had complimented the woman on her shirt, but that the other woman became upset and threw a drink at her.

The victim responded by throwing a drink as well and the two then started fighting until other bar patrons broke it up. After the fight, the Joliet woman left the bar. Meanwhile, the victim and her friend noticed their cellphones were missing.

The bar owner went outside to ask about the cellphones and approached the Joliet woman, who was sitting in her car. The woman responded by allegedly brandishing a knife and waving it in the bar owner’s face and saying she would “cut him.”

The bar owner called police, who reported finding a knife matching the description given them by the bar owner on the driver’s side floor of the vehicle. They arrested the woman and charged her with threatening the bar owner.

 Attempted burglary

A resident of Forbes Road in Riverside called police on Nov. 6 at about 12:25 p.m. after two men tried to break into her residence.

According to the police report, a white van pulled into the driveway of the residence and two men came to her front door. After ringing the bell numerous times and pounding on the door, the men walked around to the back and attempted to pry open the door.

 At that time, the men saw the resident inside the home and ran back to van, which fled south on Forbes and then west on Waubansee Road.

A short time later, Brookfield police stopped a vehicle matching the description of the one involved in the Riverside incident. However, the homeowner couldn’t identify them men as the ones who tried to enter her home.

 Arrested for bike theft

A Brookfield man was charged with stealing a bike from in front of S.E. Gross School after a police officer, responding to a domestic dispute in the 9400 block of Congress Park Avenue on Nov. 4, found the bike on the front porch of that home.

The bike, a red, 21-speed Trek 900 bike with an oversized seat was taken from the grass in front of Gross School on Nov. 4. It was reported stolen about 4:15 p.m.

On Nov. 5 around 3:30 p.m., police were dispatched to the 9400 block of Congress Park Avenue to check on a 911 hang-up, which was later determined to be related to a domestic dispute.

While speaking to the parties, a police officer noticed a bike on the front porch that matched the description of the one taken from Gross School the previous day. The man the officer was speaking to said he found it in front of Gross School and decided to take it. He followed that up by saying he took it so no one else would steal it.

Police charged the man with theft and returned the bicycle to its owner.

 Passing counterfeit bills

North Riverside charged two Chicago residents with theft by deception after they allegedly used counterfeit bills to buy items at two different stores at North Riverside Park Mall, 7501 Cermak Road, on Nov. 7.

Mall security called police after the two, a 16-year-boy and a 20-year-old woman reportedly used $50 counterfeit bills to buy clothing from The Children’s Place and cookies and a drink from Mrs. Fields Cookies.

Police reportedly recovered three counterfeit $50 bills, all with the same serial number, from The Children’s Place and one bill, with a matching serial number from Mrs. Fields.

In addition to theft, police learned the woman was on probation at the time of her arrest. She was convicted of aggravated battery to a police officer in April.

Vehicle theft

  • A 46-year-old Chicago man called North Riverside police on Nov. 9 to report that his daughter had taken his 2004 GMC Envoy in September and refused to return it.

According to the police report, the vehicle had been parked on a North Riverside street when the daughter took the SUV. The victim has called his daughter numerous times to ask her to return it, according to police. However, she allegedly refuses to give the SUV back to the victim.

As a result, the victim signed a form stating he would prosecute anyone found to be in possession of the vehicle.

  • North Riverside police responded to the 7-Eleven at 9205 Cermak Road, North Riverside, on Nov. 8 after a 66-year-old Broadview man reported that his 1994 Dodge was stolen from the parking lot.

The man told police he arrived at the store at around 10:40 a.m. and left his car unlocked and running while he went inside to buy a newspaper. When he came back outside two minutes later the vehicle was gone.

 Scams reported

  • A 38-year0old Brookfield woman went to police on Nov. 4 after she realized she’d been scammed out of about $1,700 by someone she believed was selling her a vehicle through an online shopping website.

The woman said she was browsing then Internet when she saw a GMC Denali advertised on what she thought was eBay Motors. She contacted the seller, who instructed her to purchase Green Dot Money Pack cards from a local pharmacy and then contact her to let her know how to redeem them.

The victim did as instructed and had the funds deducted from her bank account. After getting misleading information on how the vehicle would be shipped to her, the victim contacted eBay, which told her the seller wasn’t affiliated with eBay Motors.

  • While on patrol, a North Riverside police officer entered a business in the 9200 block of Cermak Road. While there, the officer had a conversation with a 43-year-old man who works there.

The man said he received a call that morning from someone claiming to be from ComEd. The caller stated that the employee owed ComEd $959 or his electric service would be shut off immediately. He also instructed the employee to go to a local pharmacy and buy a Green Dot Money Pack card for the full amount and call him back with information on how to cash it.

The employee called ComEd and found that his bill was not past due. ComEd also told him to file a report with police on the attempted scam.

  • A 65-year-old Brookfield woman called police on Nov. 5 at about 11:05 p.m., saying that over the prior two days she had received calls from someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House.

The caller, who had a Jamaican accent, according to the police report, attempted to have the intended victim wire money via Western Union in order to claim her prize. The Brookfield woman called police instead.

 Passed out in cab

Brookfield police responded to the parking lot of a bar in the 8900 block of Burlington Avenue on Nov. 3 at about 11 p.m. after a cab driver called to report that a 37-year-old man was passed out inside his cab.

The cab driver picked the man up from a bar in Countryside, where he reportedly had downed about 10 beers. The man wanted to head to the Brookfield bar before going home, but passed out on the way.

He was taken to Loyola University Medical Center for observation.

 Felony drug possession

Bellwood resident Ronnie D. Warren was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a suspended license after a North Riverside police officer pulled him over on Nov. 5 at about 9:20 p.m. for driving with just one headlight on.

During the stop, police learned Warren’s driver’s license was suspended and arrested him. During a subsequent search of his vehicle, police reported finding three small plastic bags containing a white powder and several small white rock-like substances on the floor area. Police also reported recovering three pipes.

The substances tested positive for cocaine, according to police.

Put your glasses on

Brookfield police cited a 41-year-old LaGrange man with speeding, driving while suspended and driving without glasses after being pulled over for allegedly driving 46 mph in a 25 mph while westbound on Burlington Avenue approaching DuBois Boulevard.

The driver’s license the man handed police was not only suspended but indicated he had to wear glasses while driving.

 These items were obtained from police reports filed by the Riverside, North Riverside and Brookfield police departments, Nov. 3-9, and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Unless otherwise indicated, anybody named in these reports has only been charged with a crime. These cases have not been adjudicated.

—Compiled by Bob Uphues