(BROOKFIELD) – Though Cook County’s Military and Veterans Discount Card is now available for open enrollment, those veterans who attended Brookfield Zoo’s Veterans Day Ceremony were the first in the County to have the opportunity to enroll.

“Brookfield Zoo puts on a great Veterans Day program, and it was an honor not only to meet so many from the area who served, but also to help them be the first to enroll in the County’s new Military and Veterans Discount Program,” said Karen A. Yarbrough, Cook County Recorder of Deeds. “We are proud to call Brookfield Zoo, who offers free admission to veterans year round, a partner in this program.”

The purpose of the Military and Veterans Discount Program is to provide veterans, guard/reservists, and active duty military with a free, money-saving Discount Card and access to a diverse network of over 120 businesses that are committed to providing these discounts. Active-duty personnel, veterans, and guard members and reservists may visit the Cook County Recorder of Deeds’ Veterans Service Office at 118 N. Clark St, Room 120, Chicago from 9-5 p.m., and upon providing proof of service, receive the Discount Card. Businesses interested in participating can enroll online at

During the initial rollout of the program, Discount Program ID Cards will be only available at the Cook County Recorder’s Veterans Service Office, located in Room 120 at 118 N. Clark, in Downtown Chicago. Please bring a government-issued photo or military ID, and if you are a veteran, please bring a copy of your DD-214 or other separation papers indicating discharge status (dishonorable discharges are not eligible). If a veteran has previously recorded a DD-214 with the Recorder of Deeds, a photo ID is all that will be required for enrollment. Those who bring DD-214s to the Recorder’s Office will have the option to have them recorded for free in CCRD’s confidential DD-214 repository, meaning the veteran and their family will always have fast access in case the original is destroyed or misplaced.