The Riverside Police Department recently conducted a compliance check at the retailers selling tobacco products within the Village. These compliance checks are performed to determine if local tobacco retailers are complying with local minimum-age tobacco laws which prohibit the sale of tobacco to minors.

With the help from a grant awarded by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s “Kids Can’t Buy ‘Em Here” Tobacco Enforcement Program, the Riverside Police Department has been educating tobacco retailers on minimum-age tobacco laws and the importance of verifying the age of their customers while conducting compliance checks of area tobacco retailers.

Tobacco retailers were inspected in the first of three rounds of compliance checks on all tobacco retailers in the community. All three tobacco retailers which included AmStar Gas Center, Marathon Gas Center and 7-11 were inspected for compliance and all were found to be in compliance of the law by not selling tobacco products to a minor.

“We are pleased to report that Riverside has maintained the 100% compliance and that our retailers consistently do the right thing by not selling tobacco products to minors,” said Sgt. Frank Lara.

Sgt. Lara administers the grant program for tobacco compliance.

The Riverside Police Department will continue the grant program with compliance checks in the winter and spring of 2015.