The last morsel of turkey has been eaten, the debates — Stuffing or dressing? Canned cranberries or homemade? — have been decided. And, again, we say, “Why do we not make turkey other times during the year?” It’s not just for Thanksgiving alone.

We now begin the Christmas onslaught, which actually started around Halloween. If you were a Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday shopper I hope it was worth it. I preferred to roll over for a few more winks. 

We did venture out later in the morning to Oakbrook to try to replace our La-Z-Boy and La-Z-Girl chairs. As was expected the parking lot was quite crowded which somehow or other surprised Husband Joe, so I taught him a lesson in getting a parking space. 

The first thing is to exercise some patience. The procedure is to slowly drive around the parking lot and watch for people with packages making their way to their cars, follow them and when they approach your car put on your turn signal. Hopefully, the people are really leaving. 

My system worked, impressing Husband Joe. I did warn him of those who do not possess the holiday spirit and will quickly pull into your coveted space.

Inside the furniture store, we were not greeted by Brooke Shields or anyone for that matter, although there was only one other customer in the store. Moving towards the back I began to yell, “Hello!” while Joe promptly sat in a recliner and pretended not to know me. 

Once we had the attention of a clerk we began our quest, which was ultimately unsuccessful. We will attempt to purchase new chairs another day.

Not wanting to waste our good parking space, we stopped into another store which seemed to yell “sale” all through it and so I availed myself of some of the good deals and thus beginning my holiday shopping.

Each year I vow to not stress myself out, get an early start, think it through and pace myself. Each year I tell myself there are certain things I would like to do. Is this the year I bake cookies? What gifts can I make to give to people? Is there someone I didn’t make a scarf for and will I have time? 

Oh yeah, the Christmas cards! This year I will start at the end of the alphabet, because I’m not sure those people got cards last year.

The tree! Oh yeah! Almost forgot about the tree!