At the North Riverside Public Library on Nov. 22 my wife and I and approximately 125 ecstatic people received a super Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday gift all rolled into 90 minutes of super sensitive entertainment on Frank Sinatra.

Presented by Peter Oprisko and his seven-piece ensemble, the salute to Frank was fresh, unique, ultra-modern, intense and full of warmth for a man who captured the music world for over 60 fantastic years.

From Frank’s baby picture to the passionate singing of his songs, Mr. Oprisko, backed by his band, left us all mesmerized. People were tearfully remembering Frank’s music while others were swinging and swaying along with Peter and the band. It was truly amazing.

The 90 minutes went by like 10, but the audience felt transported to another dimension of fun and happiness. Only Peter Oprisko and his group could accomplish this by their total intensity, talent, respect and love of Frank Sinatra.

An audience ranging in age from 20 to 100 was overjoyed and gave three standing ovations. We all left on another plateau, feeling that wonderful aura of both ecstasy and contentment at the same time.

Jim Zak

North Riverside