A man fleeing Lyons police was apprehended in Brookfield Thursday morning in the 8800 block of Ogden Avenue. Police reportedly recovered a weapon in the east-west alley south of Ogden Avenue.

Lyons police declined to specify what kind of weapon was recovered, though other police sources indicated it was a handgun.

According to Lyons deputy Police Chief Matthew Buckley, officers were called to the 8100 block of Salisbury Avenue to respond to a disturbance at about 9:30 a.m. As officers, arrived, the suspect was seen fleeing westbound on Ogden Avenue in a vehicle.

The chase ended near the Brookfield Motel, 8809 Ogden Ave., where the suspect was taken into custody and the weapon was recovered. Police also recovered the suspect’s vehicle.

Buckley said more details will become available once charges have been filed.