The Cantata Best Life Foundation is pleased to announce a $60,000 grant from the Russell and Josephine Kott Memorial Charitable Trust. The grant award will support expansion of a new delivery model that provides at-home care through accessible technologies at a significantly lower price, a project led by Cantata Adult Life Services and Cantata At-Home.(

At Cantata, we believe it’s possible to build a world where each of us can live our best life…where age is an asset to communities…where we can work and play together across the generations…where passion, wisdom and experience collide. Through this new model, we provide tools and resources that help people live their best lives.

The Kott Memorial Trust provides funding to support a range of charitable organizations that improve the lives of individuals. Their grants enhance services for seniors through educational internships, as well as resources that build the capacity of agencies serving older adults.

Cantata Best Life Foundation is pleased to partner with the Kott Memorial Trust in this new venture. To learn more about the work of the Cantata Best Life Foundation, please follow our link to