The Riverside-Brookfield High School Madrigal Choir put on another great Christmas song fest at the North Riverside Library. Led by Diane Marelli, the singers all put on an excellent medley of inspirational songs in multiple languages.

The show was so special due to the sincere, from the heart, rendition of each number. Their eyes, smiles and delivery made a strong connection with the audience. We were all raised to another level of peace, joy and celebration.

It is an honor and pleasure to see and enjoy a group of young people who have worked so hard to get a message of love and beauty to an age-varied audience.

The celebration closed with a lively, happy serenade of popular Christmas songs by the Mater Christi Children’s Choir, led by Jeanine Watylyk and Bryant Rouleau. This youthful group did an excellent job to top off a great afternoon that left a group of happy people enjoying the really important things in life.

Jim Zak

North Riverside