As a business owner in North Riverside, I feel obligated to respond to the letter “More options than privatization” published on Dec. 10.

I can’t imagine a single resident or business owner who thinks that adding more red-light traffic traps on side streets and cracking down on stop signs is a smart fiscal strategy for North Riverside’s budget deficit. What a great way to keep building our tax base, by driving people away from town.

Additional red-light violation cameras on less-used streets and other forms of traffic penalties are not a “gold mine” as the letter stated. They are a serious turn-off for those coming to our village and spending money, much of which is the village’s main source of revenue.

I own Bar-Tini Lounge, which has been part of the village of North Riverside for five years. I have been a taxpayer and a proud purveyor of goods and services to not only the residents but also people who come to our village and spend money, helping our community flourish. I believe we will drive people and revenue away from the village by adding these so-called revenue generators. What’s next, a toll gate to enter the village?

I applaud the village’s efforts to find a legitimate and viable solution to our budget woes, without putting further burden on residents and those like us who contribute to the financial stability of the village.

John Downs, owner of Bar-Tini Lounge

North Riverside