In 1890, mail order tycoon Montgomery Ward brought suit to have the Chicago Lakefront kept open forever. He continued the fight for 20 years. Finally, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld Ward’s actions on Dec. 21, 1910. 

Over a century later, Montgomery Ward is the man who saved Chicago’s lakefront for the people of Chicago, totally unobstructed from DePaul’s gymnasium and George Lucas’ terrible tents. 

Come on, no discussion. Just stop even considering any building on the lakefront. I’m 83 and have enjoyed biking and hiking along the lakefront all my life. Keep it open for my children, my grandchildren and great grandchildren — all future generations to enjoy unobstructed Lake Michigan. 

What are you even thinking, talking about building on the lake? Just stop it! No building, ever, along Lake Michigan. Chicago has the most beautiful lakefront in all the world. Keep it that way.

Marianne Moravek


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