Jeffrey W. Wo

Jeffrey W. Wo, the 41 year-old San Francisco man arrested outside St. Mary School in Riverside, Nov. 4, and charged with disorderly conduct, pleaded guilty on Dec. 4 and was sentenced to 12 months’ court supervision and fined $289. In addition, Wo was given a no-contact order with students, staff and parishioners at St. Mary. Details of the plea agreement were finalized last week, according to Police Chief Thomas Weitzel.

Wo, who was wearing body armor and carrying $24,000 at the time of his arrest, alarmed a parent volunteer who was supervising children at recess when he approached and asked to tour the school.

He later told school and police officials that he had come to Chicago to investigate government-controlled lights inside old buildings. Over the course of their investigation, police learned that Wo had actually entered and taken pictures inside a private school and church in Brookfield. He also had attempted to deliver letters to U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk in downtown Chicago during his roughly week-long stay in the Chicago area.

Following his arrest in Riverside, Wo was hospitalized until family members arrived to bring him back to San Francisco. Police returned the money to Wo but retained the bulletproof vest.

“Police are holding it as evidence in the event that Mr. Wo should file an appeal to his original plea agreement,” Weitzel said.

Riverside police also turned over case documents to the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service since Wo made statements about wanting to “contact” government officials. He had also stated that he worked for the FBI, which was not true.