For anyone wondering exactly what Riverside-Brookfield High School was planning to do to expand parking at the campus, the wait is over.

Last month, school officials submitted plans and officially applied for two zoning variations and a special use permit from the village of Brookfield. 

The plan will be the subject of a special meeting of the Brookfield Planning and Zoning Commission on Thursday, Jan. 22 at 7 p.m. at Brookfield Village Hall, 8820 Brookfield Ave.

Essentially, the plan is the one that school officials rolled out to the community back in September. It calls for a 91-space parking lot to be constructed immediately north of Rockefeller Avenue, west of the football field.

South of the parking lot would be five tennis courts, which would allow the school to host IHSA regional events and tournaments. And in the roughly 23-foot space between the tennis courts and Hollywood School, high school officials are proposing to locate long jump and pole vault runs to be used during track and field season.

According to a legal notice posted in the Jan. 7 edition of the Landmark, the school is requesting two zoning variances. 

One is needed in order to build the tennis courts and parking lot to the lot line fronting Hollywood Avenue, which is technically the property’s front yard and requires a setback. The second variance is needed to allow a fence more than 6 feet in height surrounding the tennis courts.

In addition, the school needs a special-use permit in order to build the parking lot and the long jump and pole vault runs on property zoned for single-family residential use.

At the special meeting scheduled for Jan. 22, members of the public will be allowed to give testimony for or against the plan for the public record. Anyone unable to make it to the meeting, but who wants to submit written comment for the record, should address it to Village Planner Heather Milway.

The plan has generated plenty of criticism from residents of Hollywood who live near the school. Some have complained that the school district should use its money for educational purposes instead of for parking and athletics.

A separate part of the plan — one which does not require any approvals by the village — involves the demolition of Shuey Stadium. It will be replaced by aluminum bleachers, which will be located atop a new locker room and concessions building.

The plan also calls for the football field and running track to be resurfaced.

Others in Hollywood fear that the construction of a parking lot and tennis courts will exacerbate flooding during heavy rains in the area.

According to Milway, the school district has said it will provide underground storm water detention that will exceed what’s required by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

This story has been changed to clarify the location of the tennis courts.

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