The FBI said Shane Nevarez dumped the black letterman's jacket and baseball cap he was wearing during the North Riverside bank robbery on Tuesday in a Berwyn backyard. Police reportedly recovered Nevarez's driver's license inside a jacket pocket and were able to positively identify him when they saw him get into a vehicle registered in his name.

Police were able to capture a North Riverside man suspected of robbing the Chase Bank  branch at 1730 Harlem Ave. on Tuesday so quickly, according to the FBI, because he left his driver’s license in the pocket of a coat he dumped in the backyard of a Berwyn residence and talked to police while pretending to be a witness following the hold-up.

Two North Riverside police along with three FBI agents apprehended Shane Nevarez, 23, less than four hours after he allegedly stole $3,000 from the bank. Nevarez was taken into custody in the parking lot of a restaurant in the 6200 block of Ogden Avenue in Berwyn and transported to North Riverside for questioning.

At the police station, according to a criminal complaint for bank robbery filed Jan. 7 in U.S. District Court, Nevarez reportedly asked, “Did I leave behind fingerprints or was my face showing on camera?”

Nevarez allegedly walked into the Chase Bank branch in North Riverside at about 2 p.m. on Jan. 6, wearing a black letterman’s-style jacket pulled up over his face, a black baseball hat, tan boots and sagging black jeans that revealed he was wearing red underwear.

According to the criminal complaint, Nevarez walked up to one teller and told her “this is not a joke” and to “give me money.” The teller reportedly gave Nevarez $1,000, to which he allegedly replied, “This is not enough.”

He went to a second teller, allegedly yelling “that he would start shooting people” if she didn’t give him more money. That teller also handed over $1,000 to Nevarez. According to the complaint, Nevarez then went back and demanded more money from the first teller, who gave him another $1,000.

Nevarez fled the bank on foot toward Harlem Avenue and, according to the FBI, dumped the jacket and baseball cap in the gangway of a house in the 1600 block of Maple Avenue in Berwyn. Inside a jacket pocket, police found the driver’s license.

They also briefly had contact with Nevarez, according to the complaint, although they didn’t know it immediately. While police were speaking with a witness in front of the home where the jacket was found, a man reportedly appeared from the side of a neighboring property.

At that time he reportedly approached two police officers and pointed out an area where he said he saw a man running. According to police, that area had no footprints in the snow.

The man then allegedly got into a white Lincoln and left the area. Police noted the license plate number and did a computer check. The vehicle was reportedly registered to Nevarez, whose driver’s license police had already recovered. Using the photo on the license, police were able to identify the man who had approached them.

Police and FBI agents arrested Nevarez at about 5:35 p.m. outside the Berwyn restaurant. His vehicle was later recovered from the 5000 block of 23rd Place in Cicero and seized for evidence in the case.

U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey Cole named Susan Pavlov as Nevarez’s public defender in the case. Nevarez remains in federal custody awaiting trial.

This story has been changed to include new information obtained from North Riverside police regarding the circumstances of Nevarez’s capture. He 

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