I am writing to support the 12 individuals who have recently declared themselves candidates in the elementary school board elections for District 103 in Lyons, Stickney, Brookfield, Forest View and McCook. It is uplifting to see citizens of our communities stepping up to take on the problems that plague this school district.

School District 103 has continually experienced problems, whether it has involved spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a minor roof repair or having to close schools to clean classrooms that were filthy.

There is always a problem and it all seems to resonate from the poor leadership or the lack of leadership on the school’s current board. This poor leadership not only impacts our pocketbooks, but also erodes the education that our children are supposed to receive.

The school district needs to start considering the needs of our children, as well as the interests of taxpayers, like myself, in their decisions.

I believe the candidates who are seeking to improve our schools can change this problem and urge others to also participate in the upcoming election.

I will be voting for fresh faces and new ideas to improve our schools.

Michael Talley