Pope Francis has blasted the many hypocritical hierarchy in Rome and around the world for their materialism and multiple spiritual illnesses. He is urging that the poor be helped by the great wealth of the Church, especially in artifacts.

He spoke to soften judgment on gays, gay marriage, birth control and clarified mothers nursing during Mass.

Hopefully, he will follow up and push for full women’s rights with full participation as priests and leaders. This has been a tradition full of hypocrisy, just as slavery, lack of women’s voting and women’s subservience in areas of the world.

Imagine if Jane Byrne or Judy Baar Topinka had spent their time in the Church hierarchy rather than politics. The Church sex scandals would have been handled much better and the Church would have much more credibility. They were people of integrity.

If the pope pushes for women’s full participation in the Church, imagine the message that would be sent to the “traditional” eastern religions. It’s time.

James Zak

North Riverside