When you get big snowstorms like Sunday’s, you can be guaranteed that things are going to be fouled up street-wise for several days afterward. Why didn’t the plow get to my street already? Hey, who lives on that street that it got plowed so soon?

The truth is public works employees (sure they’re getting paid overtime for the job they signed up for) have been on the streets almost non-stop since late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. 

It’s not just your street they are looking after. They are plowing parking lots, sidewalks, alleys, train platforms — many of them multiple times. In Brookfield, you know plowing is an especially delicate operation, with cars lining both sides of the narrow streets.

Give ’em a hand and move your vehicle. And, yes, you may have to shovel your driveway apron after the plow finally passes. It’s part of the deal when there’s a blizzard in Chicago.

It’s no fun for anyone.