On the night of Jan. 27, an area of Riverside lost power for some unknown cause. Not only was it frustrating, as losing power always is, especially after dark, but more so during the cold winter months with the added worry of how long it will last and how long you will be without heat.  

I was very impressed, though, that within a very short time of the power going off, ComEd teams were onsite with their power lights and on foot surveying the area to determine the cause of the outage.  

A worker initially told my husband it might be a couple hours before power was restored, but happily the lights and heat popped back on in about an hour’s time. I know they were just doing their jobs, but I would like to publicly thank and acknowledge the ComEd crews for their prompt response and quick service to restore power to ours and the other Riverside homes in the middle of a cold night.  

Many times we take things for granted until it affects us personally.

Jennifer L. Vlazny