Of all the things Riverside village officials didn’t expect to have to revisit early this year was the long-settled question of how crossing guard salaries were going to be paid.

Way back in July 2014, the school board for Riverside District 96 took a vote — it was 4 to 2 in favor — to split the cost of crossing guard salaries with the village on a 50-50 basis.


Then in November, the school board took another vote. For what? Well, to approve an agreement with the village about paying for crossing guards. Which they already did in July.

The vote was to approve what turned out to be an amended agreement — that was never floated past the village — that changed language about just how much the school district was willing to pay.

When the amended agreement came across the desk of the village’s board of trustees in January, they were, well, a little confused. The village board simply waved away the amended deal, saying the matter had been settled with the school board’s vote in July to accept their initial agreement.

Admittedly, a lot of things happened last year, personnel-wise in both village hall and at District 96 headquarters. Riverside got a new village manager and the school district hired a new finance director and a new law firm. We’re sure that played a part.

Now it looks like the village and school district are about to go through another round of negotiating just what costs will be shared. The village wants to add some costs to the bill, which may get some pushback from the district.

Anyway, this talk needs to happen now and not this spring. With a school board election coming up in April, there may be more changes in District 96, and no one wants to have to go through this discussion more than once. Again.

Both sides appear to have agreed on the way to pay crossing guard salaries. Let’s get this wrapped up.