If Riverside School District 96 was late to the Common Core party, officials there have done serious work in the past couple of years trying to make up lost ground. 

For the 2014-15 school year, the district increased the amount of classroom time spent at Hauser Junior High studying English and language arts. And, next year at Hauser, the district is increasing daily math instruction to 80 minutes.

That’s going to necessitate some changes to the school schedule that will have to be hammered out in the contract being negotiated with teachers right now. 

We expect that contract to get resolved by summer so Hauser students and teachers can seamlessly transition to the new schedule next fall. The change looks like it will also necessitate other changes to the school schedule, including shortening up lunch and the daily advisory period.

But the purpose of these changes is to bolster what’s most important — providing a rigorous education focused on core subjects like math and language arts, which provide the foundation of any education.