At the age of 5, Brookfield resident Trent Ketchmark saw a magic show at his preschool. From that moment on he knew what he wanted to be. 

Now 18 years old and preparing to graduate from Riverside-Brookfield High School Ketchmark, who goes by the stage name of Trent James, is well on his way to achieving his dream.

His journey has been magical in its own way. He has created magic on his own, learned from other magicians, and studied any means that would open up ways to learn more about magic. 

With supportive parents behind him, Ketchmark admits that he tried and enjoyed sports, but the lure of performing on stage strengthened his desire to be a magician. That desire has found him performing not only locally all across the country, from New Jersey to Las Vegas, and even internationally.

He’s also won his share of awards, including a first-place at the Houdini convention in 2011. In 2012 he took first place at the Michigan Magic Day and first at the Texas Association of Magicians. Most recently, in 2014, he represented the United States at the International Federation of Magic Societies event “FISM,” which is the Olympics of Magic, in Italy.

One of his favorite chances to talk and work with other magicians is the Colon Magic Festival in Colon, Michigan, the nation’s “magic capital,” which he has been attending since 2006. 

I had seen Trent James on RBTV, but when I saw the show he performed for the Riverside Township Lions Club, I was amazed and mystified, as were all in attendance.  His comedic approach and audience interaction kept all wondering, “How did he do that?”

Sitting close did not even give an advantage to discover his sleight-of-hand secrets. As his website says, he is “like a wizard … but without the beard.”

You will now have a chance to see Trent James perform his show in person on Feb. 28 at the auditorium at Riverside-Brookfield High School. The show starts at 7:30 p.m., but the doors will open at 7.  

Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students and children. The show is appropriate for all ages. As Ketchmark says, the goal is for everyone to have a good time.

This will be the final performance for Trent James at RBHS, but I don’t believe he will disappear from the scene altogether. For more information about Trent James, visit his website at