We, Catherine “Katie” Broderick, Michael “Mike” Bennett, Jorge “Rene” Torres, Coleen “Dawn” Shipbaugh, and Gregory “Greg” Ramirez, are five dedicated residents seeking to be elected to our local elementary school board, Lyons-Brookfield District 103.

We have come together as a team to make real change within the communities of Lyons, Stickney, Forest View, McCook and Brookfield. Schools are the life blood of every community and it is essential we start the process of bettering our schools today.

We believe that the educational performance of our children is directly linked to the creative leadership of our school system. The current board members have failed to provide the leadership our children need. They have failed to develop the programs our children need to excel in education.

Unfortunately, our schools are known for low ratings, bad test scores and wasteful spending. We feel strongly that by electing five dedicated residents who are committed to making change we can make a real, positive impact on our children’s future and help our communities prosper. 

It is time we remove the politics from our schools and we focus on our children. It is necessary we make our children the priority by providing them with leadership that addresses the challenges while offering programs to help them strengthen their educational performance.

We ask for your vote on April 7, 2015.

Catherine Broderick, Michael Bennett, Jorge Torres, Coleen Shipbaugh, Gregory Ramirez are all candidates for the Lyons-Brookfield District 103 school board.