I am deeply concerned and distressed about the upcoming election in North Riverside. As a resident, I am seeing some lies and half-truths being bandied about town about issues occurring with our fire department. 

This group, known to our town as Save Our Firefighters, which will be running against the VIP, is doing our town an injustice. They are a group of storytellers reading a heartbreaking tale of woe to our residents, primarily targeting our senior residents with the threat of us losing our fire department and its services. 

 I have been at the meetings, I have heard the allegations against our mayor and trustees and it’s disheartening to think that this group, with their lack of knowledge in trying to pursue a seat on our village board would be so blind as to see the efforts that the mayor and the trustees have aggressively taken in coming to a conclusion with the pension problems that are existing, not only in our town, but every other town, city, village and community in the State of Illinois. They have no answers, they cannot give a solution, they do not participate in the process of helping to solve this problem.

 Our mayor took the steps required to get this situation under control, peacefully and with all the best of intentions to every firefighter and paramedic within our village to give them the best pension deal that the village can offer them. 

He has the best intentions for these men and women and their families, which is why now this is being fought in the court system. The outcome may be grim for our village and it may be the best answer for our village, but whatever the outcome, we had a mayor and board that fought to make it the right answer.

 The opponents that are vying for a seat on our village board, except for H. Bob Demopoulos who is on the village board, have not once been seen at the monthly meetings, in town during special events, our library, our places of worship to make themselves known to our residents. 

They would rather pay to make their presence known by sending out pamphlets and door notes and placing yard signs to beat their chest and show the village what they stand for. But, in fact, what is it that they are standing for? 

 I would hope that they would take the challenge to sit amongst their residents and debate the issues with our trustees so that everyone can get the answers that they should be getting from their local government as to how our village is doing and what can be done to keep our village prospering in the way that it has been for the last several years. 

No one has all the answers, but what answers are they giving to our residents about their qualifications and what they are going to do to make our village any better? They won’t come forward, they won’t answer, they will stand behind that Save Our Firefighters sign with the hopes of getting the vote. 

 Until I can hear some answers from them, see them in action and not read them in action, I will be proud to support the VIP Party and Mayor Hugh Hermanek and the trustees running to promote the same values that make our village the best in the western suburbs.

 Please help me in supporting, Trustee Jason Bianco, Trustee Debbie Czjaka and Joe Iniguez for the village of North Riverside. This is truly a group to be proud of.

P.J. Folz

North Riverside

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