I was so disappointed to receive a flier from the Save Our Firefighters Party with a pig on it. It made me sick inside, and I felt the negativity is disrespectful to our residents. Yes, every party can do better, but the negativity is not what North Riverside is about.

Personally, I work with those in trouble — trouble with paying the mortgage or water bills or just everyday bills and expenses. They are good people and I feel badly that services they need might have to be taken away.

I see candidates working, helping, being out in the community. I know who cares about people, who have been involved with the community for years, not just at election time. I am so saddened by these negative fliers. People who I do not even know, because they are not at community events, talk about one group and not the residents of the community.

I am a former teacher and a member of the teachers’ union, but I did cross the picket line. I had to pay fines, but I cared more about the children then the union. In the same way, the firemen are good people. I know in the past many helped do exercises with our disabled son, David, and they really cared first about the residents.

This is the way it always was.

I read a book, Government Against Itself by Daniel DiSalvo. He too, a former union member, looks objectively at public pensions and asks a very good question: Does the union serve the public good?

This book was a real eye opener for me.

Carol Spale

North Riverside

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