It is essential to have a candidate for the District 96 school board like Lynda Murphy, who is not afraid to make tough decisions while ensuring that she is doing what is best for both the taxpayers and the students in our district.

 I have known Lynda for seven years and have volunteered alongside her in numerous capacities in D96, including as co-presidents of the Central PTO. It was a privilege to work with Lynda and I have seen that in all of her roles through the Central PTO she worked tirelessly to ensure that every student’s needs were being met by our organization. I was greatly impressed by her compassion for the children and her dedication to the responsibilities of her role. Lynda knows how to balance the interests of the taxpayers, the school administration, teachers and students.

 Lynda has proven that she can put in the time and effort to be an effective school board member. On a weekly basis, she dedicated herself for hours to the betterment of our school community and clearly took a lot of pride in doing so — something that she is willing to continue to do as a school board member. 

During her entire tenure on the PTO, she has shown herself to be well-reasoned, has been willing to question the status quo, looked at all aspects of budget requests and was able to let people know tactfully when the answer is “no.”

 She has been a regular school board attendee for years, not because she intended to run, but because she wanted to ensure that she was aware of what was going on at the district level. Through much encouragement and support from those of us who know her well, Lynda has agreed to run for school board. 

 We need new voices on the board who have been engaged in the education of our kids for years. Lynda can be that voice. It is an honor to throw my support behind Lynda and I encourage you to do the same.

Amy Jacksic