I’m probably not the only reader disturbed and embarrassed by the money-grubbing scheme to “sell” the name of the new Riverside-Brookfield High School stadium (should it ever be completed) by the superintendent and board (“Donor mulls RBHS stadium name deal,” News, Feb. 25).

But in the spirit of playing the money game, we can only hope that someone comes forward with a higher bid; perhaps a deceased or disabled veteran or group of veterans — someone who has served our country in some clear, brave and admirable way. 

Or perhaps someone who gained something of true value from his or her time at RBHS and as a result has been able to give something of clear value back to society (personal aside, please, no lawyers or politicians need apply). 

Certainly there must be someone of this exemplary type of person, who would want to justify the value of their life or lives with a nice big cash gift to their alma mater. Unfortunately this type of person does not often seem to be the self-promotional type. And, alas, such a person might not have enough spare cash lying around to honor themselves appropriately. Pity. 

But, who knows? Maybe it will happen. And, it would be an extra feather in Dr. Skinkis’ cap if it was actually someone who had a connection to RBHS (plus cash, of course).

In the meantime, doesn’t it seem rather ridiculous to name a stadium at a public high school after someone who has absolutely no connection and insists on anonymity? Ridiculous and rather unseemly.

Tom Kedzie


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