Carla Close Prosen

Below are candidate-submitted answers to a survey Landmark sent out to all candidates running in this year’s elections.


Age: 40

Office sought: Brookfield Village Trustee

Previous political experience: Current Co Chair, Brookfield Beautification Commission

Previous community experience: I am currently active on the  BBC and have been for the last 6 years.   I have  chaired the Adopt a Spot program, co chaired the Home and Garden Contest and  several Project NICE events.  Not only have I organized said events but participated as well. Our Commission created a Master Plan for Brookfield”s Community Art Project in 2011. Progress Park, our first project, won the Governors Hometown Award in 2012. I was part of the team that presented in Springfield. I am currently the President of St. Mary’s PTA (P.I.E). During the 2013/14 school year I served as Vice President. I am also the third grade den leader at St. Mary Cub Scouts, Pack 92 and have been leading for the last three years. I served on the Broomfield Little League Board for two years running the prep/tball and farm divisions as well as managed and coached.

Occupation: I have been teaching piano lessons for 9 years. Prior to teaching I  worked for The City of Berwyn Police Department for 8 years in the record division. I was LEAD certified and assisted in the domestic violence outreach program.

Education: Nazareth Academy graduate.  Attended C.O.D and Columbia College.


What can the village realistically do to promote and encourage economic development, and where should those efforts be focused? How can village government help promote what essentially is private investment?

We need to create a partnership with developers especially on the Ogden Ave corridor and we need to be more proactive with our TIF district.  The staff and board haveto actively seek out developers. McCook has done so much in development , we should focus also on developing 47th St.. The village has reacted to local flooding in recent years by instituting a flood-mitigation program and has taken steps to build a pump station at Forest and Washington.


Has the village’s response to local flooding been adequate? What else can or should be done to help prevent floods from harming residents and their properties?

The pumping station is a good start for people in that area of flooding, but there are still many areas in the Village that need to be addressed as well. I believe that the Village needs to make the requirements/steps more clear about the flood mitigation program,  respond to questions  and act in a more timely matter.  The village had adopted an Open Space Plan and has made significant improvements to Kiwanis and Ehlert parks in recent years.


What are your thoughts on those improvements and how should additional improvements be approached and funded?

I’m happy the parks are being tended to.  They needed some attention.  The board hasto to continue in getting grant approval to offset costs.How should Brookfield fund and schedule necessary repairs to streets and other infrastructure?- Street repairs have to be budget for.  


How are the MFT funds being allocated?  Are there areas where the village could be providing better service to residents? How? Should the village increase or decrease funding for certain services, programs and capital improvements? Why or why not?

While there is always room for improvement, we need to be realistic on services wemake available.  The Village provides basic services for residents such as fire and police protection, library, public works and recreation.  Perhaps savings could be accomplished with improved mutual assistance from other villages.  I realize we have had a lot of snow but I feel a better job needs to be done with removal on our streets and alleys.  What is the most important issue facing the village in the next four years? What should be done about it?-  Economic development.  Again, working diligently to attract developers to Brookfield.  This will bring improved tax revenues to help fund services.


What other issues do you feel will be important for the next village board to address? How should they be addressed?

I believe economic development, flooding and street repair are definite issues.  We need to apply for additional funding and grants where available.