Below are candidate-submitted answers to a survey Landmark sent out to all candidates running in this year’s elections.


Age: 54                  


Office sought: Brookfield Village Trustee


Previous political experience: 8 years as Village Trustee, 3 Years as commissioner to the Playground and Recreation Board.


Previous community experience: Little League coach and manager.  Volunteer with community projects such as Project N.I.C.E, Meet the Creek, Shop with a Cop, Brookfield Citizens Police Academy, member of the Brookfield Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.


Occupation: 33 years with Honeywell/UOP LLC as a technical resource for pilot plant research and development in the petro chemical industry.


Education: Graduate of Glenbard East High School, some college.



What can the village realistically do to promote and encourage economic development, and where should those efforts be focused? How can village government help promote what essentially is private investment? 

 Seek out developer interaction with staff and board members by inviting them to developer presentations such as the breakfast that was done previously.  Mainly up grad and improve our village website to make it easier to see how to do business in our village and who to contact.  The village website has been lacking for a decade now and the progress is still moving too slow.  The board members do not realize the need and importance of our website and updating it.  We also need to develop programs to help all the business areas in town to improve their viability.  Ask the business owners now what we can do for them.


The village has reacted to local flooding in recent years by instituting a flood-mitigation program and has taken steps to build a pump station at Forest and Washington. Has the village’s response to local flooding been adequate? What else can or should be done to help prevent floods from harming residents and their properties? 

The current administration sorely lacks in this effort.  The pumping station is not a new idea this was brought to Mike Garvey and Kit Ketchmark at least 5 years ago by me following discussion with a local property owner Steve Campbell. This may help with flooding in that area but we are experiencing more flooding issues all over Brookfield south side and north side.  The board needs a boarder focus and realize the need for action for all of the village.  


The village had adopted an Open Space Plan and has made significant improvements to Kiwanis and Ehlert parks in recent years. What are your thoughts on those improvements and how should additional improvements be approached and funded? 

I like the improvements and enjoy them as a resident and parent.  We have just completed another open space plan that has many of the same desires and needs as the last plan.  Problem is that the current administration did not use the old plan and I have little confidence in this board to use this one.  The last two improvement projects were the results of one persons desire to get one item done and lump something else with it.  Garvey wanted a concession stand and a band shell that was the goals for each.


How should Brookfield fund and schedule necessary repairs to streets and other infrastructure?  

At the current rate of reconstruction we will be driving on gravel roads around town in 10 years.  There are a couple of means that I would like to look into but both require the residents to make a choice.  One would be to bond out for10-12 million for 10 years and make an 8 year construction plan.  Once the 10 years are up roll that over again and continue with street and sewer repair.  The other may be a general tax increase to bring an extra 2-2.5 million in every year for infrastructure work.


Are there areas where the village could be providing better service to residents? How? Should the village increase or decrease funding for certain services, programs and capital improvements? Why or why not? 

Snow removal was less than desired this winter.  Possibly the worst I have seen.  The plan seemed to be different even with the large amount of snow I think it was better in the past.  If you want cars off the street you need to clear the alleys faster and better.  We can also improve service at village hall by flexing the hours people work.  As for capital improvements see the question above.


What is the most important issue facing the village in the next four years? What should be done about it? 

Streets and sewers, revenue.