Joseph Ballerine

Below are candidate-submitted answers to a survey Landmark sent out to all candidates running in this year’s elections.

Age: 56

Office sought: Riverside Village Trustee

Previous political experience: Past Trustee seeking reelection

Previous community involvement: Economic Development, Chairman Riverside park and Recreation, Treasurer Riverside Little League , Coach boys baseball, Coach girls baseball, Deacon & Elder Riverside Presbyterian Church, Past Village Trustee

Education: Riverside Brookfield HS class of 77, Western Illinois class of 1981

Occupation: Owner J.Anthony Designs residential and commercial interior design and design facilitation for the trade.

What made you want to run for village trustee in Riverside?

The idea that public and local business needs a voice in village government. I felt that they, in many ways, are left out of the decision process because of lack of knowledge of the facts and issues. It has been my goal, through the first four years of my tenure, to make possible all forms of elected government open to the public. Through the Riverside Cable Commission Board, and the Township Board meeting on our local access channel, our commissions website, and/or live on You-Tube. An informed and educated public makes our job as elected officials easier. I commend the Village for their commitment to Riverside TV as well as the commitment of the D 96 School Board and Township Board for their continued financial support, and mostly the dedicated commissioners and production assistants of RTV.

What is the most important issue facing the next village board, and what should the solution be?

The continued growth and redevelopment of our Business District. We will see a major improvement over the next year in the redevelopment of our downtown streetscape. I am excited about the future of our business environment, this board has invested many hours and dollars to improve our business district and I am confident that our residents will soon see clear results of these initiatives.

If elected, what changes, if any, would you like to have accomplished by the end of your term?

I am not seeking reelection on the platform of “changes” I will continue to govern as I have over the past 4 years, with a strong belief that our residents should be involved and informed, our businesses should be active participants in our community and a commitment to carefully spend tax dollars. I also am a believer that all taxing bodies in our community have a responsibility to our residents to work together to achieve savings when possible and to share, where appropriate, expenses.

If elected, what changes would you most strongly resist?

Any ordinances or policies that hinder economic growth our public input in our community.

What other issues facing the village board are of interest to you? Why?

Keeping up with our long term capital needs. It is important that we stay current on our capital needs but we MUST hold each and every department head accountable for their requests. I have great faith in our management team, we are blessed with extremely talented professionals that truly look out for our well being, the grant monies that have been procured by these individuals as well as our excellent bond rating has afforded our community many opportunities.