I am excited to be a candidate for the District 96 Board of Education. I am a hard-working, open-minded and organized team player who has a strong passion for public education. I have the time to dedicate to the school district and the willingness to do the necessary research and work to make fiscally responsible and informed decisions. 

The students are the heart of our schools. As a board member, I would strive to be an advocate for every child in District 96 and encourage a student-centered focus on the board. 

Every student deserves a challenging and fulfilling education. I would work to provide our children with the highest levels of social, emotional and academic support so that we can optimize excellence.

I believe we need to strengthen the partnership between our school board, administration, teachers, staff and all stakeholders. We need to foster a collaborative environment based on mutual trust, shared expectations and respect. 

Teachers and staff have a direct and profound impact on our students. We need to support our teachers and engage their passion for education. With a foundation of team work and accountability, I believe we can renew the excitement and energy in our schools. 

My experience as co-president of the Central PTO, member of the PLT and as a regular attendee at board of education meetings has given me valuable knowledge and insight into the workings of the district. 

I have seen firsthand how school board decisions directly affect the classroom. I know there are big hurdles facing our district in the near future, and I believe that my familiarity with district operations would be an asset to the board moving forward. I truly look forward to the opportunity to serve our community.

Lynda Murphy is a candidate for a four-year term on the Riverside District 96 school board.