The objectives of a local school board are straightforward: formulate a clear vision for the district; focus on the best interests of the students while maintaining fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers; and to hire and empower a qualified superintendent to execute the board’s goals. 

I endorse Rich Regan and Juliet Boyd for election to the District 96 board because they each possess the individual qualities that will help District 96 obtain these objectives. 

As a well-respected attorney, Juliet has demonstrated the ability to gather, comprehend and evaluate information from varying viewpoints and come to her own independent conclusions. She can be a strong advocate for her position while maintaining a high level of ethics, judgment and compassion to opposing viewpoints. Our district will be well served by her understanding of the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of a board member. 

I highly recommend Rich based on his extensive professional experience and unwavering commitment to excellence. In my dealings with him I have observed Rich’s intellectual curiosity, patience, critical analysis and ability to stay focused on the overall goal while dealing with minute details. Rich has the strong leadership trait of welcoming input and advice but reserving the right to make his own judgments. 

Both Juliet and Rich possess the fortitude to make tough decisions even though they may be subject to personal criticism. This is critical now that our district must evaluate and hire a new superintendent while simultaneously negotiating a new teacher’s contract. 

Adrian Mendoza