I received a flier from the Citizen Action Party of Brookfield in Saturday’s mail. It was one of the most disgusting pieces of campaign literature I’ve seen. 

The party says that they want to improve living in Brookfield, but they don’t put forth any plans, or methods of financing. By the way, this is the second of their fliers with no plans whatsoever. It appears they are trying to scare us into believing Brookfield is in terrible shape, but without presenting any proposals for the future.

The recent flyer had a picture of Mike Garvey and Michael Towner congratulating each other about something, but no explanation. Deceptive. It also had a picture of someone in a suit, taken from behind, with his left hand raised, and his right hand held behind his back, with his fingers crossed.

Again, no explanation. This is not the kind of politics the people of Brookfield deserve. I wonder who is working behind the scene on this kind of campaign? And why?

Former village president and trustee, Bill Russ, who has lost Brookfield elections in the past, is listed on the official documents of the CAP party on file at the village hall. It’s his phone number on the bottom of the CAP flyer.

I don’t know what his part is in this campaign, but I believe something’s afoot. The CAP party should stop this kind of politicking and show us how they want to make Brookfield a better place to live, work and invest in for the future.

Charles Merson


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