Either late in April, or early in May, will be my last board meeting as a Brookfield village trustee. I have served on our village board for 10 years in this century and eight years in the 20th century. I have seen a great deal of progress in that time and I like to think that I made a few personal contributions to our success.

 Over the past 10 years we have put our village’s financial house in order, weathered the national financial crisis without massive layoffs, refinanced the most expensive debt on our books to lower the interest rate and reduced the village’s debt by about half. The two village managers in place during this period have brought modern, professional management to Brookfield.

 Over the years, residents have asked about economic development; and politicians have made promises about economic development for decades. In the past 10 years, the board has approved two TIF Districts on Ogden Avenue. 

In the past two years, three national franchises have built new or rebuilt on Ogden Avenue. One more will break ground (permits already pulled) this spring. Other new local businesses have located on Ogden as well. Brookfield is now seen as a good place in Cook County to open a business and we now have momentum.

 I leave the Board confident that this progress can and will continue as I believe that a majority of Brookfield voters will elect the PEP slate of village trustees — Ryan Evans, Michelle Ryan and Dave LeClere — in the April election. 

 Brookfield is a community on the go. Its finances are sound, the management is professional, the parks are in good shape and the business community is growing because the business climate is improving. 

This board has faced a national financial recession and prevailed. It now seems to be about to face a state financial crisis of unknown scope and total impact. The PEP team is proven and experienced. The Roosevelt campaign slogan from 1940 remains valid 75 years later, “Don’t change horses in mid-stream!”

 C.P. Hall II


C.P. Hall is a Brookfield Village Trustee.