Mark Rogers

There are times when change is needed desperately to right the course of a governmental body. And while there are some in Brookfield who’d like to claim that the village is headed in the wrong direction, that’s just not the case.

There has been no time in more than a decade where Brookfield government has felt more stable, both from a financial point of view and looking ahead to the future.

This is not to say things can’t be improved or that new ideas should not be welcome. On the contrary, those are always needed and desirable. But, in the main, the village is headed in the right direction. As a result, the Landmark is endorsing Michelle Ryan, Ryan Evans and Mark Rogers for village trustee in the April 7 election.

Those three candidates, we believe, represent an opportunity to build on the successes of the past several years while allowing for an exchange of ideas that can only help the board consider more points of view when approaching important decisions.

For us, Ryan is the top candidate in this field. Her background in urban planning and her enthusiastic attitude regarding the upcoming comprehensive planning process will benefit the village in completing that task.

Evans has had long involvement in village government both as a trustee and advisory commission member. He has a solid knowledge of how local government works and is a budding leader on the board.

Making our third choice was more difficult. Both David LeClere and Michael Towner are former village trustees and active commission leaders. Towner ran for village president two years ago.

We are choosing Rogers, because we think it’s important for a voice outside of the PEP circle and former circle, to be heard on the village board. And Rogers, who has experience as a board member and president of School District 103, we believe will be best able to make a difference on the board from outside PEP.

That may make for an uncomfortable discussion or two at the board table, but that’s not a negative. What it may do, however, is serve to get other thinking from different perspectives.

Just because PEP by and large has guided the village well in recent years doesn’t mean it has all the answers.