It is my honor, and without hesitation that I endorse Joseph Iniguez for the candidacy of trustee for the village of North Riverside. Joe and I have partnered and collaborated on projects that require commitment, integrity and a willingness to volunteer his professional expertise. He has consistently demonstrated his exceptional business savvy along with his ability to take on challenges, which clearly defines his leadership skills.

Joseph Iniguez has had an amazing impact on our criminal justice program. He inspires confidence and identifies a clear sense of purpose for a road to success in preparation of career planning and development.

It is rare that you can call upon someone regularly to volunteer without some reluctance; however, the opposite is said of Joe. He avails himself for presentations, special events, mock interviews and panel discussions, all of which contributes to the professional and educational development of our population, including our Alumni. 

Aside from Joe’s wealth of public service, municipality experience and know-how, he is prudent, a humanitarian and can be counted on and trusted to meet his fiduciary responsibilities. 

If the village of North Riverside is looking for strong character, a “keeper of the mission and obligations,” ability and vision to serve the community, able to face many challenges with standards, professionalism and ethics, then Joe Iniguez is your man. 

Sheree Gilmore, director of career services

ITT Technical Institute

Oak Brook