Shari Klyber will be a great asset as a District 96 school board member. Shari’s unique skill set as an educator with two degrees from a top-notch university, an active District 96 PTO parent and an involved Riverside community member lend her the experience to excel as a school board member. 

She has taught students at the preschool through college level, giving her keen insight and understanding in the academic process. She has served on a number of academic committees, including a Strategic Planning Committee, School Improvement Team and Technology Preparation Team. 

Inclusion work, IEPs, and accelerated programs are all within Shari’s wheelhouse of experience. Having Shari on the board will ensure someone is well-versed in the language of education and will prove invaluable in facilitating conversation between board members, parents, teachers, and the community. Her science background allows her to analyze data and help make informed decisions.

We have known the Klyber family for many years, since our daughters started school together in the district. Shari is committed to the community, as well as the school. She likes to serve, whether with a Girl Scout troop, the Olmsted Society, the Riverside Arts Center or one of many PTO committees. 

She is always willing to put forth effort to ensure success in her endeavors. Shari leads with confidence, while remaining calm and reasonable, and we are thrilled to support her for the District 96 school board.

Jennifer and Mike Sedivy