The calendar says spring and for a few days we had spring like weather. However, as I sit at my computer today, I am looking at snow. I was smart and did not put my boots away. But let’s reflect on those days that were like a day in spring.

A good friend and reader who prefers to remain anonymous suggested that I write about the walkers in town. Although the person is from Riverside, this subject is not confined to Riverside.  

According to this person, who happens to have a dog that he walks on a regular basis, he comes upon other dog walkers and walkers who are just walking. It is not unusual for people who see each other regularly as they go on their walks to exchange pleasantries, but they also do more than just walk; they are serving multiple purposes. 

My friend informed me that many of those out walking for whatever reason are also providing a public service by picking up any debris which has been carelessly strewn about by unthinking and uncaring people — you know who you are. 

As the snow mounds melted they unearthed garbage that had been thrown onto the streets and parkways. I have witnessed people throwing garbage a few times and have been tempted to do a Barney Fife citizen arrest.

As spring and summer approach, we will be seeing more of this — bags from fast food restaurants and bags with bottles from parties left in parks and streets. Luckily we have those people who choose to be good neighbors and citizens who will continue to help keep our towns beautiful by picking up garbage they see upon their daily walks.

There is no reward for the good deeds of these people, no Golden Garbage Bag to signify appreciation of the residents, only a sincere thank you. 

We can look at this column as a public service to all or recognition for a job well done, but in truth it is a reminder to all that we are stewards of where we live and should be conscious of our actions when it comes to disposing of litter. No one wants to be known as a litter bug.

Well, thank you to my friend for suggesting this topic and giving me a chance to vent about litter. So keep a plastic bag with you when you’re out and about to pick up litter. And if you have a dog with you, you better have a bag with you.