It is with great regret that my name will not be on the ballot at this time for village trustee. Today, due to an uptick in my construction business and family needs, I will stay on the sidelines and support the VIP Party members.

As of the last election, Mayor Hermanek and I created a professional bond that is for the best interest of the village. We have an understanding that the village needs us to have its best interests protected.

The VIP political party of North Riverside and its candidates need to continue the path they are on and work together by all means necessary, to prevent an economic disaster from occurring.

We cannot afford to vote in an inexperienced candidate, especially when in a financial crisis. The three VIP candidates Deborah Czajka, Jason Bianco and Joseph Iniguez are longtime residents, trustworthy human beings and their decisions will be safe to trust.

I encourage all registered voters to come out this election and vote for the people that I have been working with since the last election. These new and young concerned citizens are full of fresh ideas and are working to better our village, so for that, an endorsement for the VIP candidates will be the best thing that I could do for the village that I love and live in.

On April 7th my family and I will be voting for all VIP candidates, because these are the right people for the job they are fighting for the issues of today and the betterment of the future.

In the next several weeks your door bells will be ringing and everyone will be trying to obtain your vote. Remember to vote for a brighter future so that the village and its citizens can prosper.

George Georgopoulos

North Riverside

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