Joyce Easter Fitch

Why do I want to serve one more term on the District 102 Board of Education?

I would like to provide balance to a young school board, and help them gain an understanding of this volunteer job. After the election, we will have 3 board members who have been on the board for two years, and we could have three members who have never been on the board.

Recently one of our two-year board members likened the first two years on the school board to “drinking from a firehose.” How true! It takes time to understand how a school district allocates funds, works with government entities, and most importantly, makes decisions relative to our students.

In the two terms I have been on the board of education, we have been able to accomplish a great deal by re-allocating resources, sometimes even saving money. I would like to help a new board accomplish even more while staying within our financial means. Take a look at some of the accomplishments on the other side.

Having been a lifelong resident of District 102, I see the diversity of the 102 community as an asset. I was a junior high teacher at Cossitt and Park, so I understand the importance of programs put in place to meet diverse students’ needs and the need for good training for our staff.

As director of technology in District 102, I obtained a good knowledge of the complex funding for our schools. This has given me insight into the importance of working to obtain funding other than just from the taxpayers. My two terms on the board of education provided insight into the entire operation of the district.

A new superintendent is starting in July, and strategic planning, a hard look at finances, educational legislative decisions and an energized focus on communication. An experienced voice will help.

I hope you will vote for me, Joyce Easter Fitch. If I am elected, I hope you will contact me when you have questions or concerns. The more we work together, the more we will accomplish. Our kids need that.


Dedicated to education in District 102:

  • Teacher in 102
  • Administrator in 102
  • 102 Board of Education vice president
  • Educational consultant
  • Lifelong District 102 resident
  • Director, Nettie McKinnon Art Gallery


Proven record of service

Some accomplishments in two terms:

  • Full-day kindergarten
  • Talent development programs
  • Preschool programs
  • In-district autism programs
  • Closing the minority achievement gap
  • Robust summer school
  • Bussing at a savings
  • Cuts to save over $2.5 million annually


On the agenda for the next board and the new superintendent

Strategic Planning:

  • Demanding educational legislative initiatives
  • Hard financial decisions and possible referendum
  • Good communication and collaboration strategies


Committed to:

  • Promoting and supporting excellent education and excellent teachers
  • Collaborating with parents, teachers, and community members
  • Living within our means; involving the community in financial decisions
  • Working to make the legislature understand our needs and support us
  • Investing time and energy beyond board meetings

 Joyce Easter Fitch is a candidate for the LaGrange-Brookfield School District 102 Board of Education.