David LeClere

As a father of two, what I value the most about Brookfield is the emphasis on our family’s safety and quality of life. Brookfield continues to offer some of the best services in the area for its residents and strives to do better each day.

Knowing that we have strong and committed fire and police departments, and top-notch parks, make me feel confident that Brookfield is a great place to live and play, and that is continued through the leadership of Village President Kit Ketchmark and the PEP village board.

Residential safety is something that makes a community a desirable place to live. PEP funds budgets that keep a full-time fire department for the protection of our residents. This comes at a time when candidates from another party talk about saving money by eliminating our own fire department and joining a fire protection district.

PEP supports the training and education of both our fire and police departments to make sure that quality individuals keep our community safe. Some candidates from another party also have suggested to eliminating the fire and police dispatch center in Brookfield and co-op the service with other towns.

EP budgets to keep this service for our residents, knowing that a local dispatch center can respond the best to our residents and their safety. Outside call centers often bring confusion and delays to service. Through careful budgeting and five-year plans for capital improvements, the police and fire departments are equipped with state of the art equipment to serve the residents of Brookfield. Safety of our residents will be a top priority for myself and the other PEP candidates.

I am also proud of the recent park improvements and my role in assisting these projects. PEP has positioned our village to accomplish these park improvements by being fiscally responsible and hiring professional staff that can write grants and work with other governmental bodies to bring tax dollars back to Brookfield.

The village board and staff have been very proactive in finding and seeking out grants that benefit our taxpayers and people who use our parks. The PEP board has accomplished over $4 million in park improvements in under five years.

In 2014, the board completed the Kiwanis Park improvements that included walking trails, fitness stations, a band shell, Frisbee golf and other amenities. The board also implemented Rec-Trac online registration software for recreation program, allowing residents greater ease in signing up for activities.

Going forward, restructuring of the recreation department will allow greater access to programs for our residents at very little additional budgetary cost. In 2014, a new open space plan was created to guide the future development of Brookfield parks, with input from residents through public meetings and innovative online surveys. I am excited to be a part of guiding these improvements in future years.

Brookfield continues to be a great place to live and raise a family. Let’s “Keep Brookfield Moving Forward” by electing PEP candidates that have the leadership, dedication, and experience to accomplish even more for our town.

David LeClere is a trustee candidate for the Brookfield Village Board.

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