Well, I have a somewhat different view of how Brookfield is going under the PEP regime. To be honest I have had this same view even during my eight years as a PEP trustee. I often questioned the direction the PEP board took and very publicly. 

Brookfield governing is not all sunshine and roses as the editor wants you to believe. It is in better shape than when Bill Russ’s candidates were in office, but a high school student government would have been better than Russ’ group.

So the Landmark has written that the current street program now has a dedicated source of revenue in the motor fuel tax. Problem is that the motor fuel tax has been shrinking for years and now is about $425,000 a year. 

PEP tells the public that they are using the fund for our street and sewer repairs, but the budget indicates we are committing $1.2 million to our street and sewer work each year. The other $800,000 does not come from a dedicated source but out of the general fund. PEP smoke and mirrors is what has been fooling the residents these past 10 years. 

So that is the financial lie they have been telling the public. Let’s look at our streets and sewers. As a 20-year resident, last year was the first time our home had four feet of water in the basement. We lost about $32,000 to $35,000 in property. 

Think of the poor people that live on Forest Avenue. They experience this type of flooding every couple of years it seems. Though that is a good point of our town, many residents and neighbors from all over came and tried to help by sand bagging. 

But shouldn’t our municipal government try and fix the problem, so we don’t have this worry? PEP ignored this serious problem for six years that I know of, because I brought the pumping station issue to Garvey and Ketchmark at least that long ago.

Other items gave them better credit with the voters like doing street work in particular areas. The PEP Party started out 10 years ago with a much different ideology than they have now. We wanted to do the right things and follow the law and ordinances of the village, be treated as all residents; actually the idea was that we should be held to a higher standard. They have lost that over a very short time, and now this is a group that thinks they are the law and are above it. It’s sad what they have become.

 The residents deserve representatives that want to improve the village the right way. Everyone treated as equal and consistently. No one individual above the next. We need a government that has the best interest of all of Brookfield at heart. Set goals and priorities logically and publicly. A government that does its business in public and not in backrooms and someone’s living room. 

We should have a board that brings the choices to the residents and lets us all decide the course for our future. My fellow United Residents Party candidates and I offer that type of government. 

 The editor seems satisfied that Brookfield is stable. Stable is good but shouldn’t we expect more than that from our village board? Shouldn’t we expect a hope for a better tomorrow?

Michael Towner is a candidate for Brookfield village trustee.