Once again the Riverside-Brookfield Landmark has disappointed Riverside District 96 with their low standard of reporting in the March 25 article, “No severance for departing D96 chief.”

While I make no comment on the article as a whole, I do take issue with at least one sentence:

“Apparently Mangia wanted the opportunity to try and talk to some of the applicants and try to persuade them to withdraw their applications.”

This was an action I never contemplated. There couldn’t possibly be a credible source for that statement. Every applicant deserved to be recognized for stepping-up to the challenge of serving his or her community.

The Landmark should retract this statement with an apology to me, and all of the applicants for the board positions.

Mary Rose Mangia, president

District 96 Board of Education


Ed. note: The Landmark stands by its story. The sentence that Mangia disputes was based on information from a credible source who spoke with Mary Rose Mangia about this matter last year. The source told the Landmark that because the school board did not have the time to interview all nine applicants for the two school board vacancies, Mangia wanted to have the opportunity to tell the applicants who were not going to be interviewed of that fact and give them a chance to withdraw their applications to save them the embarrassment of not being considered. While the formulation “to persuade them to withdraw their applications” may have been too strongly worded, the Landmark stands by the essential accuracy of its reporting even while it recognizes Mangia’s concern that her intentions were inaccurately described.

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