While I am disappointed not to receive an endorsement from the Landmark, I do appreciate difficult choice before them. 

I am glad that the Landmark sees what I have observed at many community forums: any of the current candidates would make a fine board member. It is a credit to our community that we have such good people for all of us to choose from.

I would like to remind the readers of the Landmark that as an information technology professional, I bring a unique set of expertise highly relevant to some large, looming issues of outdated technology and insufficient policies currently before the board.  

As an MBA and certified project management professional, I have training and experience in management, finance, capacity planning and making hard choices. I have a track record of working well with others and getting things done.

Win or lose, I’m having a great time talking with people in the district, sharing my views and learning intently from theirs. I’d like very much to continue this dialogue with the community and would look forward to serving the children, education professional and taxpayers of District 96 to the best of my abilities.  

I ask each reader for their personal endorsement through their vote on Tuesday, April 7.

Dan Hunt is a candidate for the Riverside District 96 school board.