I am writing in support of Jeff Miller for the D96 school board. I know Jeff Miller to be one who thinks before he acts, studies his options before he chooses and is confident in his decisions. 

The school district is fortunate to have Jeff Miller as a candidate for school board and we will all benefit from his strong commitments to education, science and the environment. 

He has achieved much through his impressive education, his successful business and his charitable philanthropy. Jeff is thorough in his research and smart with his calculations regarding anything he pursues. He is strong yet kind, smart yet practical and is always respectful. 

I am proud to know Jeff, Jacqueline and their two kids as friends and neighbors, and this is a good opportunity to get someone of Jeff’s qualifications on this school board to steer this ship that has gone off course and ensure the future of the next generation of Riverside residents that are attracted to this town because of its schools again. 

Vote for Jeff Miller for school board member because he is just what D96 needs. 

Audrey Korslund