I’ve attended District 96 Board of Education meetings for the better part of the last four years. In this time I’ve seen a range of varying personalities and professions sit on the board. 

First and foremost I applaud every former, and current, community member for volunteering time to the board of education; it’s not an easy position. I am writing to endorse three independent candidates for the D96 Board of Education who place a high value on bringing the topic of academic excellence back into the discussion, one that has been missing from the board of education meetings for the last year. 

Jeff Miller is a rationale thinker ready and willing to collaborate, and most of all I have been impressed with his desire to continually educate himself on the needs of this district. 

He has a long history of hiring solid candidates in his professional practice, and this will be key as we look to hire three new administration positions. His background in finance and science will ensure oversight on data presented, and I am confident he will ask meaningful questions. 

I met Lynda Murphy last year while sitting in the audience of a board of education meeting, and I found her to be open minded and willing to engage in tough topics, seeing all sides of an issue. 

Her knowledge of how the school board works can be credited to her regular attendance at board meetings for the last two-plus years. One of the strongest values she brings is her experience and awareness of what is actually happening inside of our schools as an active volunteer in D96 schools for years. She understands what it takes to really make our schools tick and be a special place for our children to grow academically and socially. 

Shari Klyber is not only passionate about education, she is the only candidate running with a degree in education. She speaks the language of education natively. The learning curve will not be steep for her and she will be able to hit the ground running. 

Her passion and background in education will provide a perspective that we are desperately lacking on the board.

Rory Dominick