Well, it’s election time once again. Early voting has begun and you deserve a say in who is on our village board. You deserve to have your voices heard. I am supporting the Save Our Firefighter Party candidates. A vote for Bob Demopoulos, Marybelle Mandel and Josh Garza will make your voices heard loud and proud.

As a former employee (30-year police officer and as a village trustee for two years), I know firsthand what has been happening in our village. I tried to make changes but was stopped by the current party in power.

The current majority-ruled village board has done nothing to reduce our deficit. When I was a trustee, I was able to save the village $750,000 by bidding out the refuse pickup.  Instead of the savings going to pay our fire and police pensions, the money went directly into the VIP elected officials municipal pensions.

You put your trust in me four years ago when I won your overwhelming support and became a village trustee. Now, it’s time to put an end to cronyism, no-bid contracts and wasteful spending. I am asking you to support the Save Our Firefighters Party. They will bring back honesty, transparency and fiscal responsibility to our village.

I urge you to cast your ballots for Bob Demopoulos, Marybelle Mandel and Josh Garza.

Please support the Save Our Firefighters Party so the residents can once again have a voice in the village we all love.

Rocco DeSantis

North Riverside