By now everyone is well aware of the political battle going on in North Riverside. The political playing field is such that one party is fighting for one goal, a goal that is out of the hands of the mayor and the trustees and is now in the hands of the court to be determined what that outcome will be. 

As such, this political party has no other merits on which to campaign, but they are bringing in non-residents, interlopers from all over the surrounding areas and as far as downstate to interfere in a local election where they have no voice, no vote. 

These being firemen coming into our town, telling lies, using scare tactics and intimidation, primarily focusing on our senior residents claiming that they will no longer receive the emergency care or fire safety in our village while also insisting that property taxes will be raised because of this. 

This kind of politics has no business in our small community and our residents should be outraged at how this election is being run. I encourage the residents in North Riverside to look at the facts, read the mailings and talk to the candidates and realize that the truth they should be told is that of the VIP party and its candidates. 

Please vote for Jason Bianco, Debbie Czajka and Joe Iniguez, who will give you the facts and not the lies. Please keep our small community with the heart beating — as of now it is broken.

P.J. Folz

North Riverside